How does Sydney Taxi fare work?

June 21, 2023

Sydney Taxi Fare Calculation:

In Sydney, taxi fare is calculated based on the distance traveled and time taken for the journey. For short trips, there will be a minimum fare charge that applies regardless of the distance or time taken to complete the trip. As you travel further and/or take longer, additional charges will apply incrementally based on either time elapsed or distance traveled. The final fare also includes any applicable tolls and surcharges. Other factors, such as night services or early morning fees may also come into play depending on when your trip began and ended. Here’s how the Sydney taxi fare system generally works:


The initial charge, also known as the flagfall, is a fixed amount that is added to the fare as soon as you enter the taxi. This charge covers the basic cost of starting the journey and includes a set distance.


Once the taxi starts moving, the sydney taxi fare is calculated based on the distance traveled. The distance is measured using a taximeter installed in the taxi, which tracks the distance traveled accurately.


In addition to the distance, the taxi fares in Sydney also take into account the time spent in the taxi while the vehicle is stationary or moving slowly. This component is intended to compensate the driver for waiting in traffic or at red lights.

Tariff Structure:

Sydney has different tariff structures for weekdays, weekends, public holidays, and nighttime. The taxi fare per kilometer and the waiting time charges may vary depending on the time of travel.

Additional Charges:

There may be additional charges applied to the taxi fare for tolls, airport pick-ups or drop-offs, or any special requests made by the passenger. These charges are added to the final fare.


At the end of the journey, you can pay the fare in cash or use a credit/debit card, including contactless payment methods, which are widely accepted in Sydney taxis.

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