How much does a taxi cost in Sydney?

June 16, 2023

Taxi Cost in Sydney

Sydney is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with a reliable and affordable public transportation system that includes taxi services. Taxis in Sydney are regulated by the NSW Government’s Point to Point Transport Commission, which ensures safety standards and reasonable fare rates. Taxi fares in Sydney depend on the distance traveled and the time taken to reach your destination, and also include an additional airport access fee if you’re traveling to or from Sydney Airport. Depending on these factors, taxi fares in Sydney may range from around $15 for a short trip within the inner city area up to $100 or more for longer trips over longer distances. Discounts may applicable for certain payment methods such as credit cards or prepaid booking.

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Factors that depend upon the taxi cost in Sydney:

Our cost of taking a taxi in Sydney can vary greatly depending on the time of day, distance travelled, and any other additional services including baby seat, wheelchair or other things utilized.

Time of Day

Estimated Fare

Peak (7am-9am, 4pm-6pm)


Off-Peak (other times)


During peak hours (weekdays 7 am-9 am, 4 pm-6 pm), a 10km trip in the city centre could cost as much as $45-55 AUD. However, if you are travelling outside peak hours times, this same distance could cost as low as $35-45 AUD. To know more, 13CabsMaxi offer discounts for prebooking or for returning customers or regular customer. So be sure to check out what deals are available before hopping in!

Please note that these are just estimates, and the actual fare may vary depending on traffic conditions. So, please make a call us to verify the exact cost of your travel route. 0478620131.

13CabsMaxi are more affordable taxi fare & services in Sydney than Others

13CabsMaxi offers more competitive taxi fares than other taxi company services in Sydney, making them an extremely affordable option. We achieves this through our innovative pricing model, which offers flat rates for certain routes and discounts for customers who book multiple trips at once. Additionally, we are well-known for providing excellent customer service, with a friendly and knowledgeable driver who can provide helpful suggestions about the local area. Furthermore, we offer an extensive network of cabs that cover all areas of Sydney to make sure you can always get a ride when you need one. With all these advantages, it’s no wonder why 13CabsMaxi is the preferred choice for so many Sydney siders.

Any Opt To Save AUD for Sydney Taxi Ride

One option is to pre-book a Sydney taxi from us. We offer taxi services in Sydney which allow users to book taxis in advance at discounted rates. This can help to save money on rides while avoiding peak rates and long wait times for cabs. You can directly us directly to pre-book or try itself on our weber booking form.

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