Terms & Conditions

Cab Booking and Confirmation

To make sure your bookings are secure, contact us directly for immediate confirmation of reservation availability. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience when it comes to cab booking and will provide quick updates on the status of any reservations made through our service.

Booking your ride online has never been easier! As soon as you reserve, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing the details of your booking and pickup time (if applicable). With convenient pre-bookings for general use, there’s no need to worry about being late or missing out on that important event ever again.

Additional Passengers, Luggage, Additional Drop Offs and Pickups

It is essential to inform us of the total number of passengers prior to your travel date. If circumstances call for changes in passenger count or luggage allowance, we must be notified at least two hours before your scheduled departure time.

Additional charges may apply according to the change.

For fixed-price bookings, further fees may be applicable for any additional pick up and drop off services.

Festival Bookings

There may be an additional charges for special occasions like Christmas and New Year’s day.

Vehicle Size

Make sure to select the right vehicle for your ride before confirming so that you don’t experience any delays or missed commitments. We are not obligated to take responsibility if an unsuitable vehicle is chosen and it causes disruptions.

Payment Methods

  • At the time of your transfer, you can conveniently pay for your charges directly to the driver.
  • Get ready to book your next adventure with ease – payment can be made cash or through credit and debit cards.

Airport Pickups and Flight Delays

Upon arriving at the airport, one of our drivers will be eagerly awaiting your arrival and ready to transport you wherever it is that you need to go. To guarantee convenience for both parties, please kindly provide us with details regarding your flight’s time as well as any other pertinent information.

As part of their airport transfer, passengers will need to cover the cost of airport tolls.

We believe in providing the best service to our customers, so we always keep tabs on your flight status and adjust the booking time accordingly – without charging you for any waiting time.

Additional fees may be incurred if international flights arrive more than 1 hour late and domestic flights arrive more than 30 minutes past their scheduled arrival time.

No Show Charges

Be sure to arrive at your pickup destination on time, or you may incur a no-show fee. This includes airports, cruise transfers and hotels as well as private pickups. Don’t let the stress of extra charges ruin your travel experience!

To ensure a smooth experience, it is your responsibility to reach out in case you cannot locate the driver. In the event that you have not contacted us for alternative transportation, you will be responsible for paying no show charges.

If you have completed the full bookings and payments online, no refunds will be issued. Additionally, if payment is not made in time, deductions from your debit or credit card account id will be implemented accordingly.

Cancellation and Refunds

To ensure the best experience possible, we require that any cancellations or modifications to your booking be communicated at least three hours before its scheduled time; otherwise, deposits may be forfeited and/or cancellation fees will apply.

If you book a cab through 13Cabs Maxi, these are the instances where refunds will be applied:

  • Cancellations made with a minimum of 12 hours’ advance notice are accepted.
  • Any cancellation charge or a No show charge will be 50% deduction from the amount paid.
  • If passengers inform us in a timely fashion about missed flights, we will refund the prepaid journey fee after deducting applicable administration fees.
  • For refunds to the international bank accounts, the deduction will be made on the actual amount paid.

Refunds will not be processed in the following cased:

  • If the cancellation is notified less than 12-hours.
  • If the transfer is booked for the wrong date, wrong flight, or any other irrelevant information.
  • If the passenger leaves the pickup point without any information.

Toll Charges

  • Toll charges can be charged on top of quoted prices.

Waiting Time Surcharge

  • Drivers can charge a waiting time fee of $1.50 per minute at their discretion.

Credit Card Payment Surcharge

  • Please be aware that using a Debit or Credit card to pay will result in an additional charge of 4.4%..